The technical infrastructure of Bao Minh Industrial Park is designed and built in a harmonious, modern, environmentally friendly manner with many areas for green and public spaces to meet the highest rigorous demands of investors for production and business.

- Topography & Geology conditions.

- Internal traffic system.

- Power supply system.

- Clean water supply plant.

- Drainage & sewage system.

- Waste water treatment plant.

- Telecommunication system.

Bao Minh industrial park is the pioneer in Nam Dinh province in deploying and providing social solutions, investing in the development of social housing and utility works for workers and executives, giving measures to stabilize the good status of the area, ensuring security and order in the area, creating a safe environment for people living around the industrial park and investors to do their production and business smoothly.

- Housing for workers & executives

- Housing for experts

- Medical Center

- Training & education facilities

- Supermarket

- Tourist attractions

- Kindergarten

- Restaurants & Hotels

In order to create favorable conditions for the investors and employees in Bao Minh IP, we have diversified, invested and developed many essential services such as providing environmental services, utility services, procedural support. We invest in integrated sport complex, residential building, on-the-job training for the tenants.

Up to now, Bao Minh Industrial Park has been praised by many investors for our cooperation with investors and always provide many useful services to create favorable conditions for investors when they choose Bao Minh Industrial Park a premium place for their manufacturing base and trades in Vietnam. .

- One stop supporting service.

- Integrated sport area.

- Business Matching & Investment Consulting.

- Banking.

- 24/7 Security.

- Police Station.

- Firefighting system

- Customs clearance & Logictics

- Design & Construction services

- Travel & M.I.C.E services.