Bao Minh Industrial Park welcomed 20 Chinese investors to visit Bao Minh Industrial Park expansion project – Hai Long Industrial Park at Bao Minh Industrial Park Nam Dinh

On March 27, 2024, Bao Minh Industrial Park cooperated with Bach Sac Industrial Park China to welcome 20 investors from China to visit our Bao Minh Industrial Park expansion project, Hai Long Industrial Park in Ho Chi Minh City. Bao Minh Industrial Park, Nam Dinh province, Vietnam.

     Present at the event were Mr. Nguyen Van Kiem – General Director and project management board of Bao Minh Industrial Park, Mr. Hoang Ngan – Deputy Director of Bach Sac Industrial Park Management Board along with 20 investors from China. During the event, Mr. Kiem had the opportunity to present the project portfolio of Bao Minh Industrial Park expansion and Hai Long Industrial Park, the services Bao Minh Industrial Park can bring to customers and what makes Bao Minh Industrial Park different. different from other rental factory real estate developers on the current market。 Along with preferential investment policies in the industrial park, a 400-room dormitory for employees and villas for experts – something that very few current industrial parks have. During the actual visit, the investors were very interested and wanted to know more about how they can cooperate and work with Bao Minh Industrial Park in the coming future.

Baoming Industrial Zone Management Committee welcomes 20 Chinese investors from Baise High-tech Industrial Zone

     Hai Long Industrial Park – Thai Binh belongs to Thai Binh Economic Zone, one of Vietnam’s key coastal economic zones with a scale of 5 industrial zones. According to the Management Board of Economic Zones and Industrial Parks of Thai Binh province, to date in Thai Binh Economic Zone there have been 11 zoning plans at 1/2000 scale approved. There are two industrial parks approved by the Prime Minister for infrastructure investors to implement projects: Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park (in Thai Thuy district) and Hai Long Industrial Park (in Tien Hai district).

     Thai Binh economic zone includes main functional areas: Industrial park with a total area of ​​8,020 hectares; Thai Binh seaport area is about 500 hectares; Thai Binh Electricity Center with an area of ​​853 hectares; Tourist area and service area with an area of ​​3,110 hectares; Agricultural, forestry, and aquaculture zones have an area of ​​about 4,715 hectares and urban areas have an area of ​​about 3,000 hectares.

Introduction to Baise High-Tech Industrial Park

     Baise Hi-Tech Park is located in Guangxi province, China. Bach Sac Hi-Tech Park with an area of ​​624 hectares, has currently attracted more than 500 large and medium-sized enterprises to invest in multiple industries. Businesses mainly work in High Technology, New Energy, New Materials, electronic components,…

Introducing Bao Minh Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company

     Established with the mission of providing high quality industrial real estate to attract foreign investment capital, contributing to promoting national economic development. Bao Minh with the motto of becoming a reliable partner, a sustainable local bridge, accompanying and developing with businesses and investors. Bao Minh Industrial Park has currently invested more than 300 million USD and owns about 600 hectares of land spread across Vietnam.

We continue to expand our investment portfolio towards the goal of leading in the industrial real estate development industry in Vietnam. In addition, we constantly strengthen our team of experts and develop our network system to proudly accompany our customers throughout the investment process in Vietnam. Our long-term vision is to take advantage of the development of supply chains and catch the investment wave with products that are superior in both quality and quantity.

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