With the consistent guidelines “For a green world everlasting” Bao Minh commits:
  • Minimize harmful impacts on the environment by strictly complying with the current environmental regulations under Vietnamese environmental law and the current standards on environmental protection issued by World Environment Organization.
  • Always look for solutions to reduce the negative impact on the environment by saving energy and resources.
  • Preventing damaged goods, reduce energy consumption and waste of resources, reduce the use of stationery such as printing paper, copy paper …
  • Using raw materials and auxiliary materials that have little impact on the environment, making all effort to limit the generation of industrial waste and increase the rate of reuse.
  • Implementing waste separation, minimize all kinds of waste right from the source, collect and store waste according to local regulations, Vietnamese Environmental Law and only transfer to companies, the collecting and transporting unit must apply and acquaire full functions permitted by law.
  • Reducing the burden of environmental pollution through strict control of pollution activities from production and business.
  • Close cooperation between departments in the company, waste water plants, clean water plants under environmental protection activities, and at the same time training and disseminating environmental knowledge to all employees in the company.
  • Willingness to cooperate closely and enhance sharing of information with environmental organizations. Putting the environmental protection guidelines into the website and other business activities of the company to propagate and encourage all employees, partners and customers to consciously preserve the environment.
  • Regularly review environmental goals set before and the performance of those goals and make other higher environmental goals for further improvement