Nam Dinh: Promote promotion and investment attraction in Bao Minh Industrial Park

Tin Tuc Baominhip

Tin Tuc Baominhip

Along with directing the speeding up of technical infrastructure for Bao Minh IP, the provincial People’s Committee has directed the Management Board of the industrial zones of the province, the investor is Vinatex Investment JSC, the functional departments increase revenue Investment attracted, quickly fill the area of ​​the IZ.
According to the Management Board of the industrial zones, by the end of quarter I-2012, the progress of infrastructure construction Bao Minh Industrial Park is guaranteed under the plan, basically qualified for secondary investment. At present, the investment unit has leveled and completed construction of infrastructure system including roads, drainage system, clean water supply; Together with Nam Dinh Electricity Company, 35KV electrical system will be installed in the entire IP, serving investors to build factories and go into production in the IP. Learn and decide to invest in industrial zones, in which many projects have been implemented. In Bao Minh Industrial Park, there is a project of Bao Minh forest product processing factory of Nam Dinh Forest Product JSC. The plant has a size of 5.5ha, creating jobs for about 1,200 laborers. Nam Dinh Forestry Products Joint Stock Company has plans to further expand production and has signed a contract to lease an additional 4.5 ha at Bao Minh IP, which will create jobs for about 1,000 workers. It is expected that by the end of the third quarter of 2012, this expansion project will officially commence. Thai Binh Minh Co., Ltd has signed a 2ha lease contract in Bao Minh Industrial Park to invest in garment factory for export, creating jobs for 1,500 laborers. This project has been granted planning certificate and is in the process of issuing investment certificate. In May 2012 the project will be officially started construction and is expected to go into production in November 2012. In addition, some domestic and foreign investors have proposed to invest in Bao Minh IP including large-scale projects such as Hansoll Group South Korea needs to rent 50ha; Far Easten Co. Ltd of Taiwan (China) needs 40ha rental; Nam Dinh YoungSmartShirt Co. Ltd is negotiating to lease 50ha to expand the production scale in Nam Dinh … These projects will attract and create jobs for about 10,000 workers / project.

Recently, Vinatex Investment JSC has organized investment promotion in Taipei, Taiwan (China) and in Osaka (Japan) to attract investment in Bao Minh Industrial Park. After that, many enterprises of China and Japan came to learn and agreed to invest in Bao Minh IP. Typically, the Great King of Taiwan has a 6ha rental demand, Taiwan’s Well Power Toy Manufacturing Company has demand for 4ha and some Japanese companies in the field of electrical, electronic and industrial production. Auxiliary with demand from 1-1.5 ha for a project. In April 2012, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group will cooperate with Vinatex Investment JSC to organize the promotion of investment attraction in Japan. Comrade Nguyen Xuan Tuyen, head of the management board of industrial parks in the province said: “In addition to Vinatex Investment Joint Stock Company actively promote and attract investment, Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Industry and Trade and Management Board of industrial zones of the province Also find opportunities to promote Bao Minh Industrial Park with foreign partners, large corporations to find the best investors.

Along with attracting foreign investment, Vuong Tran Lam, General Director of Vinatex Investment JSC, said: “With the advantage of being the cradle of the textile and garment industry in the country, we identified the main sector to attract the top. Bao Minh Industrial Park is the textile, garment, fiber, accessories, mechanical machinery for textile, sewing, yarn and some other light industry. This will bring into play the advantages of well-trained labor resources from reputable and traditional vocational schools in Nam Dinh. ” However, in order to make efforts to attract investment, Vinatex Investment JSC hopes that provinces, authorities and functional sectors will facilitate the removal of some difficulties, including site clearance, Quick investment in IZ.

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