Pursuant to the Government’s Decree No. 118/2013/NĐ-CP dated 26 Dec. 2013 and other current regulations.

  • Newly established enterprises in Bao Minh IP enjoy CIT as follows:

+ CIT Rate of 20%.

+ CIT exemption for 2 years (starting from the first profitable year).

+ CIT reduction of 50% for 4 subsequent years.

  • Special CIT exemption and reduction:
    CIT Rate Criteria Period
    CIT exemption 50% CIT reduction
    when CIT exemption period expired
    10% Newly established enterprises in:

         Locations: with specially difficult socio-economic conditions; Economic Zones, High Tech Zone established under PM’s decision.

           Sectors:  high technology, scientific research and technology development, investment in development of specially important infrastructure facilities of the State; production of software products.

    15 years from the first year of revenue generation (maximum 30 years at PM’s approval) 4 years 9 years
    Enterprise operating in the field of socialization (education – training, occupational training, health care, culture, sport and the environment) During the whole operation period
    17% Newly established enterprise in areas of difficult socio-economic conditions 10 years from the first year of revenue generation 2 years 4 years


  Under the current laws and regulations:

  • Import Tax exemption for the following goods: machinery, equipment and vehicles as fixed assets, materials for the production of export goods, and construction materials which cannot be made or produce domestically.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) is applied for goods and services circulated and consumed in Vietnam and collected through production, trading and provision of services. Applicable VAT rates are 0%, 5% and 10%. The 0% rate applies to export of goods and certain services, including sales to Bao Minh IP.


We provide following supporting services:

  • Legal procedures:
    • Business registration, Tax code registration, registration for certificate seals
    • Branch office registration
    • Investment certificate license; building permit
    • Land use certificate.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Firefighting safety approval
    • Import and export, customs declaration for machinery for investment, supplies for outsourcing business
    • Registration of foreign employees.
  • Design & Construction Service: We ensure to implement the entire design and build work of customer’s project professionally with the highest standards and qualifications besides our supporting activities.
  • Warehouse: Bao Minh IP has large area for warehouse at reasonable renting price that satisfy customer’s storage needs.


  • Foreign Language Training (of English/Japanese/Chinese) and HR Development Center
  • Virtual Office Service
  • Quality Environmental Consulting Service
  • Comprehensive Supporting with Business Matching and Government Advocacy.