Sustainable development


Nha P Cong Nhan Baominhip

Supporting services for the tenants and staff

Bao Minh IP has completed the Phase 1 construction of Residential Housing for workers and experts since 2015 to provide 400 apartments and 6 villas for over 2,000 people working in the IP.    Detail>>



Giaoluudoanhnghiep Baominhip

The company regularly organizes investment and business events, exchange experience to develop relationships among enterprises in Bao Minh IP to build a strong business community, find out right business partners, support the factories to sell out their products.






KCN Xanh Baominhip

Green Industrial Park for Environment friendly development

Being the first and only green industrial park in Nam Dinh province, Bao Minh Industrial Park always takes the lead in environmental protection activities and strict compliance with environmental regulations to ensure sustainable development and in harmony with the surrounding environment of the IP.

In particular, the company has reserved a large part of its usable land funds for public amenities and green area, boldly invested synchronized and modern wastewater treatment and water supply plants with international standards, attracting investment projects with less polluting technology employed.