Vision – Mission – Values

Vision – Mission – Values


Becoming one of the leading companies in developing industrial parks in the country, towards development activities in multi-industries and areas.


Constructing large-scale industrial parks with modern technology, achieve progress, quality and aesthetic. Carrying out suitable special treatment regime on material and spirit for staff, creating new value for shareholders, share partially social responsibility with the community.


–       Quality: commit to build the industrial parks with the quality and aesthetic, achieving progress and safety, is pioneer in the application of science, advanced technologies into corporate management and construction, consider quality is a development factor to increase competitiveness and is a factor of corporate culture.

–       Profession: build staff with a professional working style, creation, enthusiastic – solid professionals.

–       Solidarity: build solidarity, healthy cooperation, ready to share among colleagues, between leaders and employees, and between employees and partners.

–       Social Responsibility: commit to contribute into the stable economic development, improve the quality of officers and employees’ life, share a part of social responsibility to the community with mutual affection.

–       Sustainable development: build works with high quality and aesthetics, achieve progress and safety … with unity, relentless creative efforts of professional staff with enthusiastic and talented professionals, share a part of social responsibility to the community with mutual affection for sustainable development goals of the company and the country.

 Value Vision