Bao Minh is proud to be the place to connect and develop talent in many areas. The company is always open the door to welcome new members with enthusiasm, talent and desire to win; work together to build a highly reputable and competitive company in the market.

Come to Bao Minh:

–       All members work in the spirit of cooperation and mutual support, the same direction to build Bao Minh great family solidarity, strength.

–       The professional, open, friendly working environment creates the best condition for each individual to assert and develop his/her capability.

–       Having a plan to train and develop yourselves in accordance with the aspirations, experience, skills of each member as well as the general development direction of the Company.

–       Having a worthy treatment policy with the contributions of the members; promote fairness, transparency and encourage creation, innovation.

–       Beside the development of professional capacity, Bao Minh always pay close attention to the material and spiritual life of the staff. The team of enthusiastic leaders, always listen, understand and put Bao Minh into a happy environment, help each member always working and dedication.Recruitment